It’s a very strange time at the moment and a lot of people are unsure of what to do with themselves. It’s also a time where we should band together, and support one another, whether that be in personal relationships, or with businesses. 

At Escape Rooms Cheltenham, we’re all about social interaction in a confined space. So what do we do when we’re not allowed to do that?! During our time on furlough, we’ve been seeking out different ways in which we can all get our escape rooms fix. From livestream games, to escape room books, over the next few weeks we’ll be combining our findings into blog posts so you can try some out for yourselves. We would like to note that this has been a completely personal venture, and we are not affiliated with any of the companies or games mentioned in our posts (unless specifically mentioned).

While the list is ever growing and more games are appearing, we will continue to update these lists with new games that we’ve enjoyed, but we’d also love to hear from you. Have you played an online escape room that you think we’d enjoy? then let us know!

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