Locks to do in Lockdown – livestream games

Livestream escape rooms became one of the options many venues took on when the lockdown was put into place,because it meant we could use games that are just sitting there in our venues collecting dust. Now of course there are some changes that have to be made, as a game doesn’t look or work exactly the same as it would if you were physically in the room. Once the owners have worked their magic, that’s when you come in! You book your slot, you get online (in our case via Zoom, but other venues use other platforms) with your team, and you guide a games master around a physical room, almost like you’re playing a video game! 

Now there is one downside to this, and for enthusiasts this is something that could be off putting. We know how it usually works, you enter a room and you all run to different corners to look at different things. At that point, a couple of you might work on a puzzle on the far side, while the others are working on something interesting on the wall. Now when you’ve just got one camera view and one person in the room, this isn’t really possible (or at least nowhere near as easy). This does however bring us to our first benefit of this type of game: 

It can be played solo – as there is only one person in the room, you can really only do one thing at once (you could be efficient and screen shot some puzzles to work on while the rest of the team looks elsewhere in the room, but mostly you’re going to be working on one thing at a time.) This means that now you don’t have to worry about finding a big enough group to play with (or having your friends hold you back!).

Some other benefits we’ve found are:

  1. You can play with anyone, anywhere. Each venue will differ, so make sure you check their websites before booking, but with us, you can have up to 8 players (which is 2 more than we allow in a physical game), who can either all be in the same house, or can be all across the globe. No more difficulties of arranging a time when you can all get to one location, just set aside an hour and you’re good to go!
  2. You don’t have to leave your house or even get dressed (though please do wear something as you may be on camera!) For some people, there’s nothing better than cosying up in their pyjamas, but you can’t really do that when you’re out and about in public! Put your slippers on, put your feet up, and even pour yourself a big glass of wine if you feel like it, no one’s judging you here…
  3. It’s cheaper! Obviously you don’t get the complete immersion you would feel when stepping into a physical escape room and the door being locked behind you, so most venues have considered this in the cost of their games, and usually offer them at a cheaper rate. 

Think this is the type of game for you? Here’s a couple that we’ve played:

Victoria’s Last Challenge by 11th Hour Escape Rooms (UK)

We initially chose this because of the unique theme – we always like to go for themes we’ve not tried before. Our GM was very friendly and great at telling the story before we entered the room. Throughout the game he was also helpful enough to be a member of our team, without giving away too much. The game was good fun, with some interesting puzzles and cool ‘wow’ moments.

Bank Heist Live by Red Lock Escape Rooms (Australia)

We’ve been loving the fact that we can play games all around the world, and our most recent trip to Queensland saw us top their leaderboard with 18 minutes left! The game was great fun with lots of unique puzzles and interesting locks. Our GM Dylan was very helpful and their accompanying website was great to give you a closer look at some of the items. A great option if you’re awake at unfavourable hours, or if you want to play with international friends! 

Runaway Railcar by Breakout KC (USA)

Another unique theme with a very friendly GM. The room wasn’t that big but it looked fantastic and they made great use of the space! There was a great surprise too which we always love, and lots of exciting puzzles that we’d never seen before!

Now if you’ll allow us to recommend ourselves here….

You can play two of our popular physical rooms now in livestream version – the King’s Quest available everyday through Escape Rooms Cheltenham, and The Conspiracy available Saturdays and Sundays through Escape Rooms Kidderminster. Both games are £20 for 1-3 players (excluding Saturdays in Cheltenham) or £40 for up to 8 players.

What’s your opinion on livestream games? Do you feel they lack the excitement of a real game, or do you like the added benefits you get by playing online? Let us know in the comments along with a recommendation of your own!

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