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Online Escape Room Games

Traditionally when we hear this we think of the OG escape room – the click escape games that we endlessly played as children and what ignited our interest in escape rooms. Online escape rooms now are way more complex, and more importantly, can be played remotely in teams! Some involve a scavenger hunt through various websites locating secret bits of information, others use a specially made website where you can ‘unlock boxes’ more like a traditional escape room. If you want the escape room experience, but don’t like the idea of guiding a cameraman around a room, then these are the games for you and here’s a couple of reasons why:

  • It’s all online so you don’t need any special equipment or printing facilities.
  • They can be played any time – once you purchase it, it’s yours, so you can play it whenever you like. No need to book a time slot.
  • They can be played individually or in teams over the internet.
  • They’re a cheaper alternative to a physical or livestream game

Here’s a few we’ve played:

The Panic Rooms Gravesend

The Panic Rooms offer a number of these types of games, that can be bought individually or as bundles. So far we’ve played their CSI themed games and managed to crack the case within an hour each time! They’re designed with images of real boxes, suitcases and files that you click onto and ‘unlock’ via a web page password, which then allows you to see all the evidence inside to solve the next puzzle. They’re great fun if you enjoy a murder mystery.

Cryptic Events – Sector X – The B.R.U.C.E Project Part 1

What we really enjoyed about this game was the interactivity – the interface allows all players to click on the screen at one which I’ve never seen before and it made it super easy to work on puzzles at the same time. The puzzles themselves had a fantastic variety and the robot puns were very cheesy but made me laugh lots! The game also offers an ‘airhorn’ feature which allows you to celebrate when you solve something, and it even tells you at the end how many celebrations you did! We highly recommend this game and can’t wait to play part 2!

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – Peters Township Public Library

This is a small free game put together by a youth service librarian. It only took us around 20 minutes to complete, but what we really liked was that they made it through google docs which we thought was quite inventive. If you’re looking for something to fill a small bit of time between meetings, then give this one a go.

What are your opinions on online escape rooms? Do you prefer these new gen games or do you like the classic click escapes? Let us know in the comments along with a recommendation of your own!

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