Print at Home Escape Room Kits

Time for a bit more self promotion this week – when we first made the decision to close our doors, this was a product we immediately got to making. Almost in the blink of an eye, all the children were now at home and parents were panicking, looking for things to do to keep their kids entertained but also educated. This is where we wanted to come in, we knew that we wanted to make a game that was lots of fun, but also educational, and could even fit into homeschooling schedules. The game is downloadable from our website, where you’ll receive a pack with everything you need to play the game, you just need to print it!

Our pack comes with an online portal to input answers and move on to the next stage, but also comes with a printable transcript if you’d prefer to play completely offline. If you want to make a whole day of it, we’ve included a list of props you can make to make your game extra immersive! The game has a heavy focus on maths and science, and the props use arts and crafts skills, so it’s a great way to help your children revise, while having fun at the same time!

You can purchase the Extra Terrestrial Encounters Agency DIY Escape Room Kit for just £10 here:
Keep an eye out for 2 new packs coming later this year.

We’ve also really enjoyed ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ by Cryptic Events, unfortunately it’s not available anymore but they’ve just produced a new NHS themed one which we can’t wait to try!

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