Welcome to Escape Rooms Cheltenham!

We’re so excited to launch this new project, that will see a new escape room theme pop up in Coronation Square for one weekend every month. Escape rooms are becoming ever popular across the world and across the UK but have not yet reached Cheltenham. We hope this project will work well in helping local businesses build their teams, or offer a fun option for birthday parties or days out for families and friends.


If you don’t know what escape rooms are, here’s a brief description:

You’ll be thrown into a scenario in which you’ve been locked inside a room. In a group, you’ll be given a series of clues which you must follow to figure out how to escape. The clues can be all kinds of different things, from maths puzzles, to riddles to finding and putting together objects from around the room. Usually, you get 60 minutes to solve the room and get a few helpful hints along the way, from staff who will be monitoring you.



Now for a little bit of an insight as to why we’re doing this…

Coronation Square has suffered decline over the past few decades and has only just recently began to pick up, however it’s poor reputation has meant that many people choose to avoid the area. We think there’s so much potential in the area, both from local businesses setting up shop here, and from the local people wanting to be a part of a community. Because of this, we want to be part of the regeneration of the area and are really keen to see it thrive. We hope this escape room project will encourage more people to come to Coronation Square, and see that it’s actually a nice place to spend some time.


So… if this sounds good to you, why not book one of our rooms?

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