Win a free session for you and 3 friends!

It’s competition time!

Because we’re so excited to start this project, we’re giving you the chance to win a session at one of our escape room events for you and 3 of your friends, totally free of charge!


This competition is for:



If you’d enter the competition for Stop That Thief! in January, please visit our Facebook page for details, or if you’d like to enter for A Day at the Races in March, please click here.

You are welcome to enter all three competitions, however if you are selected as the winner of one competition, you will not be eligible to be selected for either of the others.

All you have to do is solve the riddle below. When you think you know the answer, submit it to, along with your full name.

The submission deadline will be Thursday 14th December, after which a winner will be selected from the successful submissions. The winner, along with the answer, will be announced on Friday 15th December.


So here’s the puzzle:

Can you solve the murder?

A man was murdered in his home last Sunday morning. When the police arrived at the scene, they question the wife and all the staff.

  • The wife insists she was still asleep in bed, and awoke to a horrible scream
  • The butler was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the family
  • The maid was in the hall collecting and sorting the mail
  • The gardener was outside mowing the lawn

The police instantly knew one of them was lying and arrested them straight away. Who did they arrest and why?


Please only submit your answers via email and do not comment them below, as we don’t want it ruined for everyone else!


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