A 60 minute adventure designed to test your mind and your team working skills. Find clues, solve puzzles and work together to escape before your time runs out!

Why choose us?

Our games are suitable for all ages and abilities, and our team work hard to ensure everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

All our games are designed in house by our amazing team, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

We change our themes round regularly, so you can come back throughout the year and try new challenges.

Our games are designed using team development theory, so they’re great for team building.

escape room team players game

Current Rooms

escape room game adventure family friendly medieval fantasy kings quest easy

King Maximus has tasked you, his trusted knights, with retrieving his magic sword from five witches who plan to use it’s powers for evil!  Have you got what it takes?

Available until 12th September

Difficulty: Easy – Medium

Recommended minimum age: 7

We’ve been hacked! Our website is being held ransom with a nasty virus. We have one hour to pay up or risk losing everything. Enter our website matrix and kill the virus from the inside! You’re our only hope for success, please help… 

Available until 30th January

Difficulty: Choose from beginner or challenging

Upcoming Rooms

In the centre of an impossible maze resides The Minotaur. Anyone who dares enter the maze will surely meet a terrible fate.  Thousands of years after the labyrinth was said to be created, 6 explorers stumble across its remains. You eventually find yourself in a small cavern, but as you step inside the walls close behind you. You’ll have to be quick to find a way out before The Minotaur reaches you!

Available from 27th September

Check back soon for details on our new room coming 30th May!

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Here’s what some people have said about us!

“really good escape room experience, the staff here were so amazing and so kind with the kids. highly recommend.”

“We had a fantastic time here for my brother’s birthday. The staff were super friendly and welcoming. It was brilliant. Loads of puzzles of lots of different styles. Highly recommended and really looking forward to coming again when they’ve changed the room!”

“We had such a great time. The room is very cleverly put together and has enough to keep several people involved. Would definitely recommend!”

“The staff at the Escape Rooms were really friendly and helpful. We hadn’t done an escape room before so were apprehensive! We needn’t have been, it was great fun. The puzzles were difficult enough to tax our brains and test our skills but not too difficult that we were lost. Recommended for a fun, different activity with friends or family.”

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escape room team players game