Team Building

Escape Rooms Cheltenham offers various packages for an exciting team building experience or reward day for you team. Not only will you have a memorable time, but you will also learn valuable skills to help your team develop.

Half day or full day workshops

Working alongside George Team Development, we can help your team members understand how they contribute most effectively to the success of the team.

The half day session includes one escape room challenge for the whole group, followed by facilitated discussion, based on your experience.

The full day session includes a second escape room challenge, where you can put into practice everything you have learned throughout the day.

All our escape rooms are designed using Belbin Team Roles theory, so it is easy to use the theory as a framework for discussion on the contributions of each member of your team.

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Off site game

If you’re looking for something a bit different, we also offer a game that can be brought to you! Available for a minimum of 9 players, the game comes fully contained with no outside requirements, so can be set up in any space.

Off site team building game one hour team development
Off site team building game one hour team development

A Mysterious Package has been delivered to your office with only a letter that reads:

“Today is your lucky day! Gather your most trusted colleagues for the adventure of a lifetime! A great fortune awaits if you can follow my clues and solve the mystery, to discover the treasure.”

A 30-90 minute adventure focusing on a range of skills, that can also be tailored to suit specific needs. This game is perfect for corporate team building and reward days as well as school enrichment days or break out sessions. Please contact us to find out more.